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II recall my grandmother telling me "age is just a number honey....Pick one and stay there as long as you like"

At 29 I distinctly remember saying to myself "I believe I'll stay right here for a while"

I'm all about sharing what I do daily to maintain an ageless mind and body.

I started BossBabeFitness after years of people asking me to share what it is I do to maintain my physique. I am a former fitness model/trainer/competitor whos fitness career abruptly ended after a severe car wreck caused me to break both legs.  I didn't walk for 5 months and my legs were no longer symmetrical.  That was in my late 30's. I have since been able to restore much of the muscle that was lost.  

I have a passion for health and fitness and a passion for helping people find happiness in their own skin no matter what your age or body type is. I believe that the things I share with you can help you to find your body's place of balance where you feel incredible in the body you were given.

the Boss babe fitness story
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